Western school

The Western School serves as a background for WAC competitions and trainings as well as a stylish restaurant for cultural events. There is a unique whip museum with the legendary whip Indiana Jones, Zorro the Avenger, and the world's largest functional whip Anakonda. You will find here whips from all over the World, photographs of whips from antiquity and the middle ages. The museum provides information about the history of the whip, as a tool used since the neolithic. You will learn about interesting local legends connected directly with the use of whips in the Jeseniky mountains. During your visit you can also watch a TV documentary.

The Western School can also be used for organizing corporate events (training room), weddings, birthdays or other events. The building has stylish accommodation for 12 people and another 19 people can be accommodated in a family hotel.

There is a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere throughout the complex, where you can find peace and privacy.